escape to BARBADOS

CO-ED RETREAT FEBRUARY 27- March 5, 2022

come to barbados for this co-ed luxury wellness experience.

 Align and redefine your daily healthy practices to
create a path to a healthier and happier you.




You feel the warm sand between your toes. The water is a surreal color blue, so brilliant you swear it’s not real.  The warm ocean breeze tussles your hair, smelling of salt. The only sound you hear is the pelicans as they dance and dart above, competing for lunch.

Just twenty-four hours ago you were home in the damp, cold winter. The short dark days made your mood feel much the same. You know yourself, and how anxious you can get this time of year, so you booked this retreat months in advance.

Now, standing on the beach, gazing at the endless blue horizon, you’re grateful you did. You’re grateful for this opportunity to bask in the warm Caribbean sunlight, so far removed from the dark and cold of home.

This place reminds you that time for yourself is not selfish, but mandatory- a necessary investment in your being whole. That’s why you’re here, content and warm on this beach, in the middle of the sea, in a place you’ve never experienced before. This beautiful place called Barbados.


la maison michelle

Our private retreat takes place at the incomparable La Maison Michelle, in St. James, Barbados. 

Situated on a hilltop with panoramic views of Barbados’ “Platinum Coast”, La Maison Michelle combines the idyllic Caribbean lifestyle with five-star boutique luxury. Entirely private, this Villa is known as a spa resort property because of its amazing amenities and services.

La Maison Michelle has nearly 13,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor space, making it the perfect destination for privacy, peace, and pampering.

Lounge by the vast infinity pool, read on one of the open terraced verandas, move and meditate daily in the rooftop terrace overlooking the Caribbean ocean.

Play golf, tennis or pickleball, walk the gardens, or enjoy a facial or relaxing massage.

Retire to your over-sized and uniquely decorated bedroom; choosing from the “Safari” “Shell,” or “Platinum” suite. Book the entire suite to yourself or share with a fellow retreater or best friend.

Each suite has a private bathroom and is located to ensure maximum privacy, while also providing beautiful views and scenery. Some open to a balcony, others to gardens, and two are in a separate cottage that boasts a private kitchen, deck and plunge pool.

You could happily plant yourself at this amazing Villa for your entire stay, but we’ve planned some special activities to make sure you get to experience all that Barbados has to offer.

If you prefer to lounge at the beach, our butler Kemar can drive you to the Fairmont Beach Club which is located 5 minutes away.

Your day is yours at La Maison Michelle. No cares. No stress.  No need unmet.

All you need to DO is BE.


It’s difficult to let down and let go when you’re juggling work, relationships, family, and parents. 

Lucky for you, your family is safe at home and your worries were not invited on this retreat. 

This is time for YOU, and YOU alone: to sleep, read, rest, restore, and relax. 

This is time away from stress, work, distraction, technology, and your to-do list.

Wake up refreshed, join us for daily movement and meditation, Have coffee and a delicious breakfast served to you on the lush veranda. 

Sun by the pool, relax at the Beach Club, take an excursion, go into explore the city.  Or NOT. 

This retreat is ALL about what YOU and what YOU want to do!


This luxury retreat experience provides you with time and peace to reflect on your current priorities, self-care practices, relationships, and life direction.

If you desire change, this retreat holds the opportunity to reframe your mindset about movement, nutrition, and creativity.

Too often we focus so much on what’s not working for us, we forget all we can make possible.

Weight gain, anxiety, brain fog, and insomnia are all just signs that something’s out of sync on a deeper level.

When we’re able to follow those symptoms upstream to their source, we can make changes with greater clarity and ease.

Daily movement, meditation, journaling, mindfulness, and self-care practices offer you powerful tools to help ground and center you.

You’ll learn to align your daily choices with your deepest desires to create the healthy, vibrant life you want and deserve.  

Bask in the warmth of the tropical sun, inhale the rich aroma of the Caribbean sea, be calmed by the constant rhythm of the ocean waves.

Come to Barbados to rest, renew, and recommit to your best life.  It’s yours to create.


REceive and renew

In our busy culture, we’re so used to taking care of everyone else, we forget how to receive. Do you have a hard time receiving compliment, a friend’s concern, or help when you really needed it?

It’s wiring a lot of us have, and it’s not helpful. Even Superhero’s have to take their capes off now and then. 

Exhaustion and denial rob us of joy and authenticity. Learning to allow vulnerability and presence opens a pathway to greater strength and wholeness.

Through guided meditation, breakout health sessions, shared conversations, and the incomparable service of the La Maison staff, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your “receiving muscles.”

Take time to read a book for pleasure, enjoy a lazy walk on the beach, savor a moonlight meditation. These are all ways to learn to receive. Of course booking a spa treatment overlooking the Caribbean ocean, is also an option. 

The Spa at La Maison Michelle offers specialty massages, wraps, and facials by appointment.

All you need to do is ask, and then, receive. 


and have fun in the sun


The Villa has a spectacular veranda and pool to relax, swim, read, or nap by.  Or schedule a snorkeling trip at the beach. If you need anything at all, just ask the La Maison staff.  They’re on site to provide anything you might desire.


Enjoy a spectacular private Catamaran cruise with your retreat peeps.  Snorkel, swim with the sea turtles, or just sit back and admire the rolling blue waves. This sunset dinner cruise is an experience you’ll treasure for years.


If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s plenty to do beyond the Villa. Spend a day at the Fairmont Beach Club, go shopping in St. James, explore Carlisle Bay, the Harrison Caves, or the abundant beauty of the
Hunte Botanical Garden. 
It’s all yours with a simple request.

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The past year has taken a toll on everyone.  The lessons we learned from COVID are many, but perhaps one of the greatest is our need for connection and interaction with the people we love and treasure.

Women are keepers of each other’s secrets, boosters of one another’s wavering confidence, co-conspirators in life’s adventures. Through laughter, tears and an inexhaustible river of talk, we keep each other well, and make each other better.  COVID took that much needed connection away for many of us.

For other friends and couples the pandemic may have sparked new conversations or growth opportunities.

If island fun, relaxation and discovery sound like a great way to reconnect, bring your bestie to Barbados and make memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

“Incredible people, lots of laughter & lifetime friendships.”

We had plenty of time for fun activities and relaxing on our own time. Deep, transformative conversations, spiritually uplifting, and mindful movement as well. Came away refreshed and inspired.
Laura P.
Fall Women's Retreat Timber Creek Retreat House
"Such an incredible experience! Tina's leadership combined with the cozy atmosphere of Timber Creek, served as the perfect back drop for one of the most memorable and meaningful retreats I've ever experienced as an adult. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to expand their spiritual awareness and bask in the love and support that other women can offer when provided the framework to do so. Absolutely loved it!"
Valerie B
Fall Journaling Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House
"This is my third retreat and I always come away with something new. The most important thing about this retreat was teaching me how to ground myself to remember what is important in life. When I do that, everything is less stressful and clear. It's great to return home with more clarity, energy, and purpose."
Cathie C
Rest, Renew & Breakthrough Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House

tell me MORE!



at your

Meet your La Maison Michelle staff! 

Chef Adrian prepares delicious, sea to table cuisine for all tastes and preferences. Karen and Jeanette keep your room and clothing clean. Your butler Karem serves and answers questions. Lynn keeps the pool and grounds beautiful.

If you need clothing laundered, a ride into town or an empty rum punch glass refilled, the pampering La Maison Michelle staff is always at your service.

island CUISINE BY CHEF Adrian

Your stay at Villa La Maison Michelle include breakfast, lunch (brunch on weekends), and dinners on the evenings we don't have an excursion. Enjoy fresh, delicious, Barbados cuisine prepared by our private chef to accommodate any request.


Chef Adrian is here to prepare fresh, local Barbados food, served in the dining gazebo, alfresco by the pool, or along side the beautiful gardens.

Breakfast, lunch and most dinners are provided; delectable island cuisine prepared to your preference.  Vegan, Pegan, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free meal requests may all be accommodated.

Recharge at the dedicated bar/lounge, serving up fresh island fruits, blended tropical smoothies, and fun top-shelf cocktails daily. Rum Punch anyone?

Happy Hour mocktails are also offered daily on your retreat if you so desir

“I've already recommended these retreats to two friends.”

"So happy I made time for myself. I feel calm and rested. Excited to go home and see my husband!"
Joyce P
Back to Earth Retreat, Sant Fe, NM
"I appreciated how organized it was, the fantastic group activities and time for sharing. I'm inspired to continue working towards a better me. And yes! I would highly recommend as a wonderful gift to yourself."
Lisa G
Back to Earth Retreat, Santa Fe, NM
"I loved the meditations and being around people who are so passionate about their purpose. I'm ready to go back home. This is the first time in a while that I've taken time to totally relax, be on my own schedule and clear my mind."
Barb D
Rest, Renew & Breakthrough Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House

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your villa by the sea

oceanside oasis

As you enter the Villa, the first-floor entrance hall features an elegant chandelier, painted abstract floor, and stunning views of the sea.

From this wing, you can access three bedrooms of the seven bedrooms: To the left is the Glass & Mirror Suite; to the right, the Caribbean Suite and the Shell Suite.

These three rooms have fabulous sea views and constant breezes from their private terraces.

On the ground floor is The Ocean Suite and the Safari Suites.  The second suite features a small terrace ideal for enjoying an early morning coffee overlooking the garden and Caribbean.

The two-bedroom self-contained guest house offers The Platinum Suite with a Murphy King-sized bed and The Cosmo Suite with a King-sized bed (which may be split into two beds), both with en suite bathrooms with closets.

The guest house also includes a separate kitchen and common deck.


the shell suite

As the name implies the Shell Suite Master bedroom is designed with neutral colors and unique furniture adorned with shells.

This beautiful suite has a king-sized bed, study desk, separate walk-in closet, and large bathroom with tub, open shower, and ample vanity.

The Shell Suite offers a stunning sea view and private terrace. The suite has A/C if needed but the sea breeze keeps the room cool during February.

This suite may also be booked as a semi-private room for two.

Maximum Occupancy: (2) people

Your luxurious king sized bed.

glass & mirror suite

The immaculate Glass & Mirror Suite is an extra-large suite located on the first floor, boasting a high, intricate block ceiling design. It also features a walk-in closet, steam shower, private balcony, and large hot tub for moonlight soaking.

This bedroom may be configured for up to three people as it easily accommodates two single beds and a sofa bed.

The suite has A/C if needed but the sea breeze keeps the room cool during February and early March.

Maximum occupancy: (3) people

King may be split into 2 twin beds. Sofa bed also available.

the caribbean suite

The bright and energetic Caribbean Suite is located on the first floor.

Designed with steel pan fixtures and vibrant colors, this large bedroom features two full beds and a beautiful private terrace view.

The bathroom is equipped with a walk-in shower and vanity. 

The suite has A/C if needed but the sea breeze keeps the room cool during February and early March.

Maximum occupancy: (2) people

the safari suite

Located on the ground floor, the Safari Suite is as fun as it is comfortable. The jungle theme is accentuated by a large wardrobe painted with exotic animals.

This extra-large suite features one king bed which may be converted to two single beds for semi-private accommodations. 

It also features a private bathroom with a walk-in shower and exposed natural coral stone, a part of the original foundation of the land.

The Safari Suite has a beautiful private terrace, ocean view, and courtyard access.

Maximum Occupancy: (2) people

the ocean suite

Located on the ground floor, the Ocean Suite is a large bedroom featuring two full beds and a bathroom with a shower, tub, and closet area.

The Ocean Suite has a courtyard view and access. 

The suite does offer air conditioning if needed.

There is one bed available, as Tina, your retreat host, has the other bed. 

Maximum occupancy: (2) people

the platinum suite

The Platinum Suite is located in a separate cottage next to the main house. This impressive suite has a king-sized Murphy bed suite with a walk-in closet.

The bathroom has a walk-in shower and vanity.  It is air-conditioned if you need it. 

The cottage includes a separate kitchen, common deck, and plunge pool. It has a gully and semi-ocean view.

This suite may also be booked as a semi-private room for two.

Maximum occupancy: (2) people

the cosmos suite

The Cosmo Suite is located in a separate cottage along with the Platinum Suite. The cottage includes a separate kitchen, common deck, and plunge pool.

This large suite has a king-sized bed or two twin beds for private or semi-private accommodations.

The bathroom has a walk-in shower.

There is a private, ocean-view balcony.

Maximum occupancy: (2) people

I need this!

“Everything from place to people was beyond my wildest dreams.”

"It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one."
Linda h
"I had a wonderful experience. More than I had hoped for in a retreat. Delicious food, beautiful setting , amazing breakout sessions and powerful meditations. Fantastic, transforming. Looking forward to future retreats."
Kathy B
Fall Journaling Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House
"Was an awesome location. Fabulous new friends and great food. The best hammock studio and massage setting I’ve ever experienced. The overall experience was everything and more and I will go to the next one. Great trip!"
Laurie E
Sand, Sea and Self Retreat, Grand Cayman

barbados awaits



I’m ready!

what's included

What’s not included

cancellation policy

Please be aware of our cancellation policy: Full refunds for trip are available until October 23, 2021.  Between October 24 and November 19th you will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refunds after November 19, 2021 as we have reserved the entire Villa for our group and pre-payment is required. 

If for some reason, La Maison Michelle cancels our trip, you will be refunded in full.  For all other concerns, we highly suggest you purchase travel insurance. Here are two reputable and affordable options.:  World Nomads and Insure My Trip.  

For the health and safety of everyone on retreat, you will need to provide a copy of your COVID 19 vaccination or negative COVID test within 48 hours in advance of the retreat start date.

If you have any questions about the cancelation policy or trip insurance, please email


Barbados is a luxury retreat destination for those seeking deep relaxation, reflection, fun, and serious pampering. I hope you’ll join me!
Tina Sprinkle
Retreat Leader

I want to go!

"Our pilates retreat to belize Hit my life just at the right time!"

“The balance of fun (mental health), along with work for my physical health was the perfect antidote to a long winter. February in Belize - Retreating under the warm tropical sun!”
Joni C
Sand, Sea & Self Retreat, Amberris Caye, Belize
"Tina Sprinkle created a magical, restorative, fun, expansive retreat. The accommodations were beautiful, private, and clean. A sanctuary! The food was fabulous from right out the back door. I loved everything about it and will go anywhere that Tina is having an event. So fun. I highly recommend her!"
Terri M
Sand, Sea, and Self Retreat, Grand Cayman
"The retreat exceeded my expectations, not just based on any one thing, it was the combination of a well-planned event with carefully placed meditations, fitness, interactive sessions and alone time. Most importantly, I gained a new sisterhood of women, across generations, I had never before and can’t wait to see them again."
Franciene G
Fall Journal Retreat

I can’t wait!

your retreat guide

Tina Sprinkle has been a leader in health and fitness for over forty years. Her success comes from a combination of enthusiasm for others and authenticity of self. 

She’s owned successful businesses, served as a regular health and fitness expert on KSHB TV’s KCLIVE Morning show, and led Women’s health and adventure retreats in the US and abroad. 

Since she sold her brick and mortar businesses in 2019, Tina has returned to school to study Functional Nutrition and expanded her Women’s Health retreats and online education courses.