RECLAIM your mojo in magical mexico.

March 11-18, 2023

If you’re feeling Stuck in your endless to-do list and don’t know how
to break free of the monotony, come to troncones beach, Mexico
for a retreat to help you witch from auto-pilot to intentional living.


embrace possibility in paradise

It’s been so long since you took time for you, that it feels a bit strange to find yourself in this small enclave in Troncones, Mexico, situated in the middle of one of the most pristine beaches on the west coast.

Breathing in the warm scent of the ocean, feeling the sand, cool and creamy between your toes, you’re surprised by how relaxed you feel. You just got here!

Despite this sense of relief, you feel a familiar undercurrent of discomfort. Were you just being selfish in taking this time for yourself?  Was it fair to ask your work team to cover you for a week?  Will your kids or parents survive a week without you?  Who’s going to get the dog to the vet this Friday?

You’re shocked back into the present by something that looks like a huge fin erupting through the ocean surface.  There it is again!  It’s a whale, right there in front of you, not more than 100 yards from where you stand on the beach!  You want to run and tell someone, but you can’t look away. The beauty and grace of this creature captivate you as she effortlessly glides and changes directions.

Your breath slows, your feet sink further into the sand, and your heart softens as you savor this amazing moment in peace.

Breathe. Release. Return.

You came to Mexico for some much-needed downtime. You’ve been so exhausted that you’re tempted to stay in your bungalow to sleep the first two days.

You’ve been wired and tired for so long, you can’t remember what it feels like to let down and simply be.

Logically you understand your fatigue is a symptom. Overworking, over-functioning, blurred boundaries, and endless comparison mask an unspoken knowing. 

Somewhere amid the daily chaos, you’ve lost your mojo and you’re not entirely sure how to find it!

You’re not alone.

What may start as a way to manage difficult emotions often has the opposite effect; the impact of denying discomfort can boomerang with enormous force.

Instead of dealing with our doubts, we prefer distraction–compulsively arranging and rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic, denying the gaping hole below.

Avoidance is costly. The only way out is through. 

At your center, you know the opposite of self-abandonment is presence. 

This retreat is the first step on your inward journey home.  The warmth of the sea air, the smell of the ocean, and the peaceful beauty of this place are welcoming you home.


Ask anyone what they love about their body and you get crickets.  Ask them what they don’t like and you’ll get a laundry list.

People in our culture are notoriously hard on themselves when it comes to loving themselves and their bodies. Self-judgment and comparison rob us of embracing the self-acceptance we seek.

There’s nothing more attractive than a person who’s comfortable in their own skin. They know their worth comes from the inside and not from the estimation of others. 

Escaping the madness of our youth-obsessed culture to return home to yourself is just one of the benefits of this retreat.

"i'm so grateful i said yes."

The last few years of my life have been intense. My husband passed away, COVID isolation with two young children, a career change--a lot to process. So when a friend invited me to Tina's wellness retreat in Barbados, I knew the respite was what I needed. I'm so grateful that I said yes. Tina arranged such a fabulous experience, and all I had to do was show up. On top of all that, I met a strong, empowered group of women that I know will be lifetime friends. I can't wait to retreat with them all again. I highly recommend."
Nicole B.
Escape to Barbados - Villa La Maison Michelle
"Barbados was transformational! Our accommodations were breathtaking! The staff were all welcoming, friendly, kind and caring. Tina leads you in a relaxed, restorative yoga session each morning. Then, has a variety of daily activities planned and you’re welcome to do as many or few as you wish. There is no pressure to do it all, with your retreat being a unique experience created just for you. Tina provides a safe and encouraging environment for women to share their experiences. I was empowered by the stories shared by each of them."
Jodi G
Escape to Barbados - Villa Maison Michelle
"A retreat with Tina Sprinkle connects you with nature, adventurous and fun people and most of all back to yourself. Tina’s spirit and energy is contagious and ignites an aliveness within that is indescribable."
Wendy W
Wild in Montana and Escape to Barbados Retreats

This sounds amazing!


It’s difficult to let down and let go when you’re juggling work, relationships, family, and parents. 

Lucky for you, your family is safe at home and your worries are not invited to this retreat. 

This is time for YOU, and you, alone: to sleep, read, rest, and relax. 

This is time away from work, distraction, technology, and your to-do list.

Wake up to daily movement and meditation, followed by coffee, a smoothie, or a healthy breakfast by the ocean.

Sun by the pool, take a walk on the beach, book an excursion, read a book, or relax in your bungalow or hammock.  

It’s all about what YOU want to do!


Perhaps you’ve had a hard time receiving in the past: a compliment, a friend’s concern, help when you really needed it. 

It’s hardwiring a lot of us suffer from. But pretending you’ve got it all figured out is an exhausting role, and it can make you feel lonely and frustrated.

Vulnerability means getting comfortable enough to ask for support and help when you need it help.

On retreat, through guided meditation, group sessions shared conversations, and the amazing staff, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice receiving. 

Treat yourself to an energy session or Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Thai, Swedish, & Chi Nei Tsang massage with one of the amazing therapists at our retreat!


This retreat provides you with a safe space and gentle guidance to help you reflect on your priorities, self-care, and relationships.

When given the opportunity to examine your thoughts and beliefs without bias, you may be surprised to discover that many of them are outdated, limiting, and unnecessary.

Letting go of your old, outdated thoughts and ideas, means being more open-minded and willing to learn and try new things. It also means rising above limited and fearful thinking and behavior.

Removing yourself from the daily distractions helps you to release behaviors and ways of thinking that no longer serve you.

Loosening your attachment to ideas, beliefs, and choices that harm and limit you is empowering.

When we reflect on our lives in the context of what we want in the present, not the past, we can better see and release the habitual patterns we created as children to make sense of the world.

As adults, we can release what no longer serves us while having compassion for our past pain. Loving yourself is accepting the past without letting it define you.

This retreat includes an “Owner’s Manual” with prompts and resources to help you navigate the present, release the past and embrace your amazing future.


This retreat offers you the tools, support, and soul inspiration to renew and redefine your world, in Mexico and beyond.

You have the power to define your world because ultimately you create it. 

When you learn to be present with your thoughts, words, and habits, you can choose to overcome the fear, fatigue, and apathy that come from denial and distraction.

Self-compassion is a practice that not only heals you but the world you live in.

If you believe you are here for a reason, honoring your purpose is the greatest gift you can give to the world, and yourself. 

You don’t have to be a guru to practice mindfulness. Breathe, move, and play! Mindfulness is not just sitting still.  




Your retreat includes a variety of choices to move daily including Yoga, Pilates, swimming, walking, hiking, and more.

Moving your body is an investment beyond physical health.  Our bodies are amazingly good to us even when we may not be good to them. 

Making movement a priority is a spiritual practice that connects our soul to our body and our body to the earth.   

What a gift!


During most of our waking lives, our minds are engaged in a continuous internal dialogue in which the meaning and emotional associations of one thought trigger the next. Too often these associations are habitually negative.

Meditation is one of the best tools we have to counter the brain’s negativity bias, release accumulated stress, foster positive experiences and intentions, and enjoy the peace of present moment awareness.

This retreat will help you create a personal meditation practice you’ll also crave at home. 


The practices you learn on this retreat will help you let go of pent-up resistance, stress, and anxiety.  That means more energy and pleasure for the things that bring you joy!

Who knew you’d love learning to surf, kayak, horseback ride, or snorkel?

Take this opportunity to try a new adventure and see what happens!  It’s not just the activity that matters, but the choice to do something different and fun to celebrate YOU!

Make new life long friends

Studies show that friendships between women have a greater influence on our physical and psychological well-being than family relationships.

Sharing our experiences and challenges helps us provide support, encouragement, and compassion for one another.

When we listen, support, hug, and encourage one another, we release higher levels of oxytocin. Sometimes referred to as the “love” hormone, oxytocin is a neurotransmitter produced in our brain that helps reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and restore calm, clarity, and confidence.

Ask any woman who has ever attended one of our retreats and they’ll all tell you they were not only transformed by the content of the retreat but by the other women there as well.

You will meet women with who you will forever share a special bond.   

Share this experience with your newfound friends or bring your bestie with you for a retreat experience you’ll always remember.

“Incredible women, lots of laughter & lifetime friendships.”

We had plenty of time for fun activities and relaxing on our own time. Deep, transformative conversations, spiritually uplifting, and mindful movement as well. Came away refreshed and inspired.
Laura P.
Fall Women's Retreat Timber Creek Retreat House
"Such an incredible experience! Tina's leadership combined with the cozy atmosphere of Timber Creek, served as the perfect back drop for one of the most memorable and meaningful retreats I've ever experienced as an adult. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to expand their spiritual awareness and bask in the love and support that other women can offer when provided the framework to do so. Absolutely loved it!"
Valerie B
Fall Journaling Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House
"This is my third retreat and I always come away with something new. The most important thing about this retreat was teaching me how to ground myself to remember what is important in life. When I do that, everything is less stressful and clear. It's great to return home with more clarity, energy, and purpose."
Cathie C
Rest, Renew & Breakthrough Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House

tell me MORE!

Clean, healthy, fresh cuisine

People come from miles around to eat the food prepared by the chef at our retreat. That's because the gourmet meals are served with only the freshest ingredients, designed to meet your specific nutritional requirements and needs including paleo, pescatarian, vegan, or raw food templates. The choice is all yours!

Delicious food prepared with you in mind

Our retreat center offers a variety of meal options including cleansing and detoxification retreat programs that can be tailored to your needs.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about doing a detox or cleanse and feel this retreat may be the perfect opportunity! Your diet and nutritional needs can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Fresh, healthy cuisine, fresh juice, and professional cleansing staff are all available to guide you should cleansing be your goal.

We’ll discuss your personal nutritional template and goals when you register for this retreat!

paired with the perfect Margarita

If cleansing is not on your menu, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy fresh, local cuisine prepared to your preference by the expert chefs on staff.

Vegan, Paleo, Pegan, gluten-Free, and dairy-free, meal requests may all be accommodated. The chefs at our retreat center are well known in the area and the restaurant is open to the public because of their popularity.

Happy Hour is not mandatory if you’re abstaining, but is offered daily on this retreat if you’re craving a margarita, wine, or other libation.

Relax, recharge, or simply enjoy the amazing view from the deck and palapa at our retreat center during happy hour, or anytime!

* Please note that alcoholic drinks are not included in your retreat pricing so bring a few extra pesos for those libations!

Like the view?  It's yours every evening!

“I've already recommended these retreats to two friends.”

"So happy I made time for myself. I feel calm and rested. Excited to go home and see my husband!"
Joyce P
Back to Earth Retreat, Sant Fe, NM
"I appreciated how organized it was, the fantastic group activities and time for sharing. I'm inspired to continue working towards a better me. And yes! I would highly recommend as a wonderful gift to yourself."
Lisa G
Back to Earth Retreat, Santa Fe, NM
"I loved the meditations and being around people who are so passionate about their purpose. I'm ready to go back home. This is the first time in a while that I've taken time to totally relax, be on my own schedule and clear my mind."
Barb D
Rest, Renew & Breakthrough Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House

I want to go!

i sooo need this!

Book your DELUXE bungalow by the Sea

EXHALE in your PRIVATE bungalow

Your Deluxe Private Bungalow has a private bathroom and a large deck overlooking the pool and gardens. 

This room may be reserved as a private room with one queen bed or for two people with two single beds. 

Authenticity was imperative in the construction of every inch of this retreat space. Thus, all bungalows have an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition, and are furnished with pillow-top beds, luxurious 400-count cotton bedding, and a canopy of white linens.

There are five deluxe bungalows available:

  • Bliss
  • Compassion
  • Renewal
  • Tranquility, and
  • Wisdom

Don’t delay, book your private or shared bungalow today

THree private air conditioned suites

Each air-conditioned suite has a beautiful view and new AC units to keep nice and cool.

Two have pool views and the other is located above reception.

Choose from one of three air-conditioned suites:

  • Intuition
  • Peace, or
  • Serenity

Authenticity was imperative in the construction of every inch of Present Moment. Thus, all bungalows have an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition, and are furnished with a pillow-top queen-sized bed, and luxurious 400 count cotton bedding.

Best Friend shared Bungalows

Our Best Friend Bungalows are perfect for friends who want to share accommodations and reduce their retreat pricing.

Each luxury Bestie bungalow is equipped with up to 4 beds, extra space, and a large deck with beautiful views facing the pool and gardens.

Choose your shared bungalow for 2-4 people.  The more people, the less your shared expense.

Bestie Bungalows can be configured with one queen bed and two singles or four single beds.

Choose from these two shared bungalows:

  • Harmony
  • Unity

As with all rooms on the property, authenticity was imperative in the construction of every inch of this retreat space.

Thus, all bungalows have an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition, and are furnished with pillow-top beds, luxurious 400-count cotton bedding, and a canopy of white linen.

Reserve your Bestie Bungalow now! 
These will sell out!

Share your Bestie Bungalow with up to three friends! One queen bed and two singles or four single beds can be arranged.



Treat yourself to the best view in the resort when you book the Tree House Main Suite.

Your Master Suite has a large private balcony right on the beach with perfect sunset views.

The Tree House Master Suite is called Joy, the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.

You’ll understand that when you take in the sea air and beautiful Troncones Beach from this truly amazing vantage point.

This Master Suite is equipped with one king bed, but you may add another queen bed should you decide to share with a friend.

Although not equipped with air conditioning, the Tree House enjoys gentle ocean breezes from sunrise to sunset.

Take time to relax, read, or rest in your private deck chairs and lounges before you head next door to the Yoga pavillion for movement and meditation.

As with all the other rooms in this retreat space, the Tree House Master Suite was built with an indigenous palapa thatched roof, hand-crafted in the Mexican tradition, and is furnished with pillow-top king and queen-sized beds, luxurious 400-count cotton bedding, and a canopy of white linen.

Treat yourself to a Tree Top paradise on the incomparable Troncones Beach!


The Top Five Reasons to go on a Retreat.

  1. You’ll make new friends for life.
    Retreats are an opportunity to delve deeper into who we are and what we want out of life with the support of new friends.

    Chances are, the people on your retreat are there for the same reasons you are . . . to take a break, to refresh, recenter and leave with a new sense of purpose. Therefore, they really are the best people you could wish to share this journey with.

  2. Retreats are SO much more than regular vacations.
    While vacations tend to be an outward experience–a time to relax, explore, experience new cultures, and have some downtime-retreats offer an opportunity to take the time to look inwards. They are about using a safe space and a like-minded group of people to ask some serious questions about your life and where it may be heading. If it’s time to get real about repetitive behaviors that are holding you back, a retreat can be the perfect place to let down and let go.

  3. Retreats give you time for YOU.  
    Busyness is addictive. By the time we fulfill our roles as a spouse, [parent, caretaker, and best friend, we rarely have ANY time for ourselves. So, what do we do?  We get up and do it all over again the next day!

    Why is it that we often put so much more love and care into other people than we do for ourselves?

    A retreat is time away from responsibility. . . to look after number one. You deserve it!

  4. Retreats make space to ground in nature. 
    We flow with nature. Many retreats are centered around nature. Whether it is the ocean, a river, or the mountains, when we experience the passionate grace of nature, we are reminded of how we can choose to blossom in our own lives.

  5. Retreats make space for something different.
    Our brains are experts at making our lives efficient. That’s why they favor having us repeat the same thoughts, the same behaviors, and the same patterns day after day, year after year, regardless of how happy or fulfilling it is. 

    Retreats provide an inflection point- an opportunity to assess your choices and how they are serving you.  Retreats help us switch from auto-pilot to intentional living. 

“Everything from place to people was beyond my wildest dreams.”

"It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one."
Linda h
"I had a wonderful experience. More than I had hoped for in a retreat. Delicious food, beautiful setting , amazing breakout sessions and powerful meditations. Fantastic, transforming. Looking forward to future retreats."
Kathy B
Fall Journaling Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House
"Was an awesome location. Fabulous new friends and great food. The best hammock studio and massage setting I’ve ever experienced. The overall experience was everything and more and I will go to the next one. Great trip!"
Laurie E
Sand, Sea and Self Retreat, Grand Cayman

I need this!

let's make magic in mexico

“The universe is an ocean upon which we are the waves. While some decide to surf, others venture to dive.” – Charbel Tadros

What’s included

I’m ready!

What’s not included

cancellation policy

Please be aware of our cancellation policy: Full refunds for this trip are available until September 15, 2022.  Between September 16 and November 15, you will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refunds after November 15, 2022, as we have reserved the entire retreat center for our group, and pre-payment is required. 

For all other concerns, I highly suggest you purchase travel insurance. Here are two reputable and affordable options.:  World Nomads and Insure My Trip.  

If you have any questions about the cancelation policy or trip insurance, please email

See you in mexico!

I can't wait to see what magic we can create together in Mexico! All you have to do is say yes!
Tina Sprinkle
Retreat Leader

I want to go!

"Our pilates retreat to belize Hit my life just at the right time!"

“The balance of fun (mental health), along with work for my physical health was the perfect antidote to a long winter. February in Belize - Retreating under the warm tropical sun!”
Joni C
Sand, Sea & Self Retreat, Amberris Caye, Belize
"Tina Sprinkle created a magical, restorative, fun, expansive retreat. The accommodations were beautiful, private, and clean. A sanctuary! The food was fabulous from right out the back door. I loved everything about it and will go anywhere that Tina is having an event. So fun. I highly recommend her!"
Terri M
Sand, Sea, and Self Retreat, Grand Cayman
"The retreat exceeded my expectations, not just based on any one thing, it was the combination of a well-planned event with carefully placed meditations, fitness, interactive sessions and alone time. Most importantly, I gained a new sisterhood of women, across generations, I had never before and can’t wait to see them again."
Franciene G
Fall Journal Retreat

I can’t wait!

Meet tINA, your retreat HOST

Tina Sprinkle has been a leader in health and fitness for over forty years. Her success comes from a combination of enthusiasm for others, authenticity, and a quick, irreverent sense of humor.

Tina’s owned and managed several successful fitness businesses, served as a regular health and fitness expert on KSHB TV’s KCLIVE Morning show, and led women’s health and adventure retreats in the US and abroad. 

When she sold her brick-and-mortar businesses in 2019, Tina returned to school to study Functional Nutrition with an emphasis on Endocrinology.  After struggling herself and working with hundreds of clients, Tina wanted to better understand the role of nutrition in supporting and balancing our hormones.

Tina’s online nutrition programs help others to make informed choices based on their biochemistry, and not simply their “willpower.”

At 62, Tina appreciates the wrinkles she’s earned, the transformative power of gratitude, and the ripe opportunity of shared experience.

Harnessing the strength of community and the power of women to embrace and support one another is the driving force behind Tina’s retreats. 

It doesn’t really get any better. 

Wonder if you’re a good fit for a retreat?  Email Tina to schedule a call!