Plant-Based. Protein Powered. Pegan Reset 2020

Ready to Clean up and Lean up?
Join me for the 28-Day PEGAN Reset!

What the hell is Pegan?

“Pegan” is a term coined by functional medicine Dr. Mark Hyman for a nutritional template combining Vegan and Paleo foods.   While primarily plant-based, Pegan diets allow for servings of quality fish, poultry, and select cuts of grass-fed beef.

Okay, that’s what I can eat.
What can’t I eat?

First off, you can eat anything you want, but if you want to reduce your belly bloat, jumpstart your metabolism, and heal your gut, you’ll avoid inflammatory foods like:

  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Transfats and manufactured vegetable oils
  • Processed foods

You’ll also want to consider consuming less:

  • Dairy products
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Grains, even if they’re gluten-free
  • Fruits


What’s wrong with eating fruit and grains?
I thought they were healthy!

You’re right!  But they can also slow your body’s ability to heal as eating too much of them can cause inflammation.

Your energy, focus, sleep quality, and digestion will all show you just how good it feels to eat clean, whole foods in moderation.


How much support can I expect?

This program is all about the community. Therefore, you can expect a lot of support the more you participate in the community.

There is also a weekly group coaching call for your support. Each Wednesday night at 6 pm we’ll answer your questions and mine the topics you want to be addressed.   This way you’ll not only receive support from Tina but everyone else in the group!

If you miss a meeting, don’t worry!  You’ll be sent a video recording link in your twice-weekly support texts.

Click here to download the complete Small Group Coaching schedule!


I’m interested but afraid it’s too restrictive.

Changing your health is hard.
So is feeling fat, bored, and tired.  I promise you’ll begin craving the healthy vegetables, fruits, and proteins on this plan because you’re going to LOVE the way you feel!   And because this program builds weekly, you’ll build a healthy foundation for carrying this nutritional template on long after this Reset.



Take a Sneak Peek at the Manual!

Please note:  If you are a T School alum, you save $30 off registration.
Click this link for special pricing!

I’m excited to participate in this program with you! I know it works because I’ve experienced the awesome results myself!

If you need to budge a little pudge,  the 28-Day Pegan Reset is your solution!

Let’s do this!   Tina

Text me at 913 963 8546!


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