For the Love of Sabin

This is my friend Sabin. Some of you may have met her on our Santa Fe Retreat, or done a reading with her at my suggestion. If you have, you already understand how amazing she is.

I had my first reading with Sabin in 2005. She’d been referred to me by our mutual friend Kathy Hale. I wasn’t sure about having a reading until we started. Sabin literally “read” everything that was going on in my life right then both professionally and personally. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a trusted counselor.

On one trip to Santa Fe, Sabin came to the hotel to do my reading. Herb politely excused himself, leaving me to my voodoo ways. About ten minutes into the reading I called him.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“I’m just down the street having coffee,” he replied.

“Well, I guess you better get your butt back here because this entire reading is about you.”

That was Herb’s introduction to Sabin, and because he listened to her, he was able to make the difficult decision to merge his company with the national firm HREC.

This happened just a few months before his health challenges in 2017- a year he often had trouble working. The fact that he’d merged companies also meant he had a team to support him. This was a God-send.

Some of you also know how much I struggled during that same time. I felt so powerless not being able to help my husband.

One early afternoon in January 2018, feeling overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I texted Sabin to ask for a reading. She took my call immediately.

“I’m so lost and anxious. I don’t think I can do this by myself, Sabin.”

We both agreed I was in need of spiritual healing.

“I’ll come to see you. When can I come?”

She hesitated, “I know you need this and I’d be happy to help you Tina, but I’m not seeing that I am the one to do it.”

“Have you ever heard of a woman named Rosita Arvigo?”


“She’s a woman who worked with a Bush medicine man in Belize. She wrote a book called ‘The Sastun.’ Ever hear of that? I think you should get it and read it.”

I was confused, but I trusted her. “Okay, I will get it.”

“Are you going to be in Belize anytime soon? I see you there.”

“Good. I’d take a look at her website and just see what she might be offering. I know she is the woman who can help you through this process.”

I hung up, ordered the book, and quickly forgot about looking up Rosita. When the book arrived, I logged onto her website. Her Introduction to Spiritual Healing Course started exactly one day after my retreat in Belize.

I signed up that day. It would change everything.

Rosita and my Belize tribe

I’ve already written about the life-changing experience I had in Belize, the truths presented to me there, the decisions I’d make after coming home, and the incredible people I met there.

But this post is about the woman who got me there in the first place. This post is about the woman who brought me light in a dark place. This post is about my friend and mentor,  Sabin Bailey.

Sabin always says her daughter Bunny was a miracle.  For nine years after Sabin had her first daughter Jamie, she had miscarriage after miscarriage.

“The doctors said I could get pregnant but would not be able to carry her to term.  When I discovered I was pregnant with Bunny, I was both ecstatic and scared. I bled through the entire nine months, constantly afraid I would lose her.  But there I was, holding this precious being to my breast, counting her fingers and toes and telling myself she really was alive and healthy.  Knowing that I would do anything for her.”

Sabin made good on that promise throughout her life, but it was especially hard when Bunny became ill.

“In 2008, Bunny began to experience excruciating stomach pain. She couldn’t sleep, she often vomited.  There was no comfort for her.  She had no insurance and the hospital ER’s kept sending her home without diagnosis or treatment.  Month after month I drove to Austin, trying to find help for her. 

Then one day Bunny called and said she was much sicker and needed me to come. For the next five months, I wore the same clothes, the same pair of sandals, carried the same tote bag – through hundreds of miles of hospital corridors and parking lots. I lived in those facilities with Bunny, day and night, going home to cook my grandson Luke’s dinner, help him with homework, and spend time with him.

Bunny spent her 33rd birthday in hospice. The medical staff had just told us they would not be able to keep her pain tolerable and they were going to induce a coma from which she would die. She spent her last birthday saying goodbye to each of us.”

After Bunny completed her transition, Luke moved with his grandmother to Santa Fe.

Since that time Sabin has raised her grandson and selflessly helped others navigate their own difficult times. She never hesitates to offer solace, guidance, and love whenever she’s asked.

Now Sabin needs our support for healing.  Last winter Sabin was diagnosed with aggressive stage four uterine cancer. She had surgery and is now undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

It’s very hard for her to do Tarot readings for her clients right now, so she has no income for herself and grandson Luke, other than a very modest social security payment. In addition, she’s incurred many out-of-pocket expenses for medicines and procedures.

Friends of Sabin set up a GoFundMe account to help Sabin.  If you’ve already seen this notice and have given, consider giving again.

If you don’t know Sabin but want to help, please send her your prayers as you light your full moon candle tonight.

The combined power of our tribe’s thoughts and prayers is a powerful ritual and way to honor Sabin.

And, if you are able, please donate to her GoFundMe by clicking the picture below.

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  1. I will give financially as much as I’m able. However I will be sending healing prayers 10+% for Sabin. I’m certain if anyone can pull through this horrible disease, it will be her!

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