AUGUST 20-25, 2021

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the times you spent in the office or mowing the lawn.
Climb that goddamn mountain!”
~ Jack Keroac

wild open spaces

Imagine yourself horseback, your group riding quietly through a magnificent valley toward a looming vista. The rich smell of grass, leather, and wildflowers surround you as you feel the warm sun on your neck and shoulders. It pierces the cloudless, baby blue sky.

In the distance, coyotes tease the dogs who accompany you, their sole job to protect horse and rider. You’ve never been this close to a coyote before, but then, before yesterday, you’d never seen a moose or buffalo, either.

The warm breeze and the horse’s steady gait lull you into an altered state. You notice your breath is slow and full. You can’t remember the last time you felt this relaxed, this present. You feel easy in the saddle, alert but grounded, one with your horse, as he carefully picks his way up the rocky trail to the overlook.

As you rise along the crest, you can’t believe your eyes. Beneath you, across the horizon for as far as you can see, is the stunning beauty of Yellowstone National park.

home on the range

the B Bar Ranch

The retreat takes place at the iconic B Bar Ranch, a working cattle ranch and retreat center which hosts a few lucky guests each year. Nestled in the Tom Miner Basin, the B Bar’s stunning landscape, shaped by glaciers and volcanoes, boasts a legacy of mountains, rivers, lakes, and the people who lived there. 

The B Bar is the perfect spot to drop in and drop down. At home you often feel stressed and anxious, exhausted by the pressure you put on yourself to do it all. You worry about your never ending to-do list, your parents care, your latest work project, your relationships, and your expanding midriff. You’re chronically wired and tired.

On the ranch, our goal is the opposite: to do less. Learning how to pause, receive, and allow yourself to be nurtured is a lesson best taught by nature.

Immersed in her grandeur, you’ll learn how to feel more deeply, respond to life in the moment, and accept your imperfections to trade that Superwoman cape for grounded authenticity. (And that’s a superpower you just can’t fake.)

The activities, fellowship, and group teachings on this retreat combine to create a magical and soulful alchemy- a respite from the noise, distraction, and stress of everyday life, and a bridge to deep renewal.

You’ll journey inward to a place you might recognize but haven’t had the chance to visit lately: a still quiet place of inner knowing. You have everything you need to be happy.

Going on retreat is an investment in self-care practice.  It’s a necessary and healing way to honor your inherent value and self-worth.

You’re proud of everything you’ve accomplished, but still long for something undefined yet unfulfilled.

Come to Montana. Because we are revealed not only through our accomplishments and daring adventures, but also by the butterfly lilting above the wildflower, and the sweet smell grass in the morning.

follow your heart

This is a heart-centered retreat, meaning we focus on aligning our hearts desires with our daily choices. 

We may think our thoughts alone define our lives, but science now supports what we may have known intuitively: the heart leads the brain and not the other way around. Our hearts impact every facet of our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.

Once you begin paying attention to your heart, your world changes. Love, compassion and calm become your preferred state.

Heart-centered practices help us drop our defenses and hyper-vigilance to experience life with more joy and presence. The heart-centric techniques you learn on this retreat will transform the way you connect to your self and to the people around you.  These simple, powerful tools are one’s you’ll return to in the months and years following your retreat. 

make new forever friends

Investing in yourself is powerful.  Investing in your self in the presence of other women on the same path is transformational.

Studies show that friendships between women have a greater influence on our physical and psychological well-being than family relationships. Sharing our experiences and challenges helps us provide support, encouragement, and compassion for one another.

When we listen, support, hug, and encourage one another we release higher levels of oxytocin. Sometimes referred to as the “love” hormone, oxytocin is a neurotransmitter produced in our brain that helps reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and restore, calm, clarity and confidence.

Ask any woman who has ever attended one of our Retreats and they’ll all tell you   they were not only transformed by the content of the retreat but the other women there as well. Women who will forever share a special bond. 

“Incredible women, lots of laughter & lifetime friendships.”

We had plenty of time for fun activities and relaxing on our own time. Deep, transformative conversations, spiritually uplifting, and mindful movement as well. Came away refreshed and inspired.
Laura P.
Fall Women's Retreat Timber Creek Retreat House
"Such an incredible experience! Tina's leadership combined with the cozy atmosphere of Timber Creek, served as the perfect back drop for one of the most memorable and meaningful retreats I've ever experienced as an adult. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to expand their spiritual awareness and bask in the love and support that other women can offer when provided the framework to do so. Absolutely loved it!"
Valerie B
Fall Journaling Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House
"This is my third retreat and I always come away with something new. The most important thing about this retreat was teaching me how to ground myself to remember what is important in life. When I do that, everything is less stressful and clear. It's great to return home with more clarity, energy, and purpose."
Cathie C
Rest, Renew & Breakthrough Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House

tell me MORE!

thrilling adventures


Daily adventures include morning meditation, mindful movement, and hiking in some of the most beautiful terrain on Earth.  Your hikes will challenge you physically but feed you spiritually.

This picture was taken in the B Bar’s back yard.


Saddle up and explore the wild flowers, wildlife and impressive landscape of the Tom Minor Basin. Our gentlemen cowboy guides are not only handsome, but caring, knowledgeable, and playful enough to put even the most skittish rider at ease.  Climb on and ride on for an experience you’ll remember all of your life. 


The B Bar Ranch is the natural habitat for Grizzly bears. They live, hunt, and mate right here on the ranch. You may even spy a momma bear and cubs in the distance.

Each evening, the road to the ranch fills with tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the bears or a moose. As a guest of the ranch, you’ll have the best view of all!

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meditation and movement

The ranch has a spacious modern yurt for morning movement and mediation.  We’ll begin each day with breathing exercises to ground us in awareness, align our mind and body with Pilates-based movement and de-stress with guided meditation themed around our daily focus.

The yurt is also where we host group study meetings, breakout circles, and (optional) private instruction sessions.

A short walk away from the lodge and cabins, this peaceful space is also open for your private meditation and  movement practice.

rest and reflection

You’ll be getting plenty of exercise and adventure, but we’ve also scheduled in plenty of downtime for you to relax and unwind on this retreat.

Wake up early to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise; greet the day with a steaming mug of fresh-ground, organic coffee.

Wander out to the big lodge porch and plant yourself in rocking chair for a long, lazy read. Or cozy up in front of the lodge’s stone fireplace with your journal for some soul-filling reflection.

Take time to observe the wildlife. Look around you. Allow the healing power of nature to stir within and move you.

You are witness to one of the most pristine and sacred valleys on Earth.

“I've already recommended these retreats to two friends.”

"So happy I made time for myself. I feel calm and rested. Excited to go home and see my husband!"
Joyce P
Back to Earth Retreat, Sant Fe, NM
"I appreciated how organized it was, the fantastic group activities and time for sharing. I'm inspired to continue working towards a better me. And yes! I would highly recommend as a wonderful gift to yourself."
Lisa G
Back to Earth Retreat, Santa Fe, NM
"I loved the meditations and being around people who are so passionate about their purpose. I'm ready to go back home. This is the first time in a while that I've taken time to totally relax, be on my own schedule and clear my mind."
Barb D
Rest, Renew & Breakthrough Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House

let the spirit move you

“Look deep into nature. and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einsten



Nature is our spiritual teacher, always willing to share her wisdom and grace. On this retreat, we’ll learn grounding techniques to turn down noise and distractions to become more present to her healing power in each moment.

Once accessed, this is a communion to practice daily to increase awareness, gratitude, resilience, and inner courage.

Discover her presence in every wild flower, rainbow, tree and sunset.  Learn to connect with nature and develop a spiritual relationship that will nurture and sustain you for years.

SAVE $600 NOW.

big sky hospitality

Farm to table dining every day

The B Bar Ranch raises their own grass-fed beef and organic vegetables for clean, healthy, and hearty meals to fuel our bodies and spirits for adventure!

farm to table cuisine

Eating clean, wholesome foods is a struggle for many women due to the pace and demands of work and home. The stress of shopping and preparing meals often robs us of the very pleasure we seek from eating.

At the ranch, the B Bar Chef does all the cooking, cleaning, and planning so you can relax and be nurtured with farm to table meals each day. 

We’ll be discussing the role nutrition plays in our hormone balance, how it affects our weight, energy, focus and sex drive. Hormones are directly affected by stress and the quality of our foods. You’ll learn how to eat and manage your stress to control cravings, stabilize your moods, and feel leaner and lighter. Vegetarian and Vegan menu options available upon request.

campfire al fresco

Imagine sitting beneath the full moon, the smell of the campfire and hot chocolate wafting up around you. You’re layered in warm clothing for the cooler night temperatures, the fire also keeps you warm and toasty. 

The moon is full but you can still see some stars. You enjoy the company of your new friends around the outdoor table, eating a delicious dinner under the night sky. You laugh, share stories and marvel at the discoveries this retreat has brought you.

After dinner, you join the circle to support one another in ritual.

Each woman burns the slip of paper where she’s written down all the things she’s let go of before returning home. This ritual, a celebration of all you’ve learned together, is an experience you know you will never forget.

Standing under the full moon with your sisters, you are transformed by the power of this circle, the words spoken, a witness for these women, your own intentions, and this sacred moment.


a cabin in the woods

The ranch has six roomy A frame cabins, each with two king sized beds, one located on the main floor and the other upstairs in the loft. There’s a shared bathroom, sitting area and private porch.

The cabins are a minute’s walk from the lodge and sit amongst an aspen grove, facing the pond with Sheep Mountain as a stunning backdrop.

All rooms are a short stroll away from an open air hot-tub, where you’ll enjoy unparalleled celestial viewing.

There are 5 semi-private cabins.

 ** If you have a group of close girlfriends and want to share a cabin, we can split the cabin into 4 twin sized beds- 2 downstairs and 2 in the loft. 

The cabins will go fast so if you have a group that is committed, grab your cabin fast.


With its log furniture, large dining room, warm great room, stone fireplace and sunny southern-facing deck,  the lodge is where we gather for meals and fellowship.

The lodge also has three private rooms available. Two of these can accommodate two people in separate beds by request.

Explore and you’ll find a cozy nook where percussion instruments, games, puzzles, and a small library reside. Dive into one of the numerous novels by Montana authors provided for you during your stay, or wander out onto the spacious grand view porch. Enjoy a magnificent sunrise with views of Paradise Valley and of Emigrant Peak.

Total Guest Accommodations:

LODGE:  (2) private rooms and (1)  semi-private room (up to two people)

CABINS: 5 semi-private cabins (up to 4 people)


“Everything from place to people was beyond my wildest dreams.”

"It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one."
Linda h
"I had a wonderful experience. More than I had hoped for in a retreat. Delicious food, beautiful setting , amazing breakout sessions and powerful meditations. Fantastic, transforming. Looking forward to future retreats."
Kathy B
Fall Journaling Retreat, Timber Creek Retreat House
"Was an awesome location. Fabulous new friends and great food. The best hammock studio and massage setting I’ve ever experienced. The overall experience was everything and more and I will go to the next one. Great trip!"
Laurie E
Sand, Sea and Self Retreat, Grand Cayman
Look at the stars. See their beauty.  AND IN THAT BEAUTY, SEE YOURSELF.” ~ Aberjhani


what's included

What’s not included

cancellation policy

Please be aware of our cancellation policy: Full refunds for trip are available until April 1, 2021.  Between April 2 and June 15th you will receive a 50% refund. There will be no refunds after June 16, 2021 as we have reserved the entire B Bar Ranch for our group and they need commitment. 

If for some reason, the B Bar cancels our trip, you will be refunded in full.  For all other concerns, we highly suggest you purchase travel insurance. Here are two reputable and affordable options.:  World Nomads and Insure My Trip.  

If you have any questions about the cancelation policy or trip insurance, please email tina@tinasprinkle.com

Montana awaits

Paradise Valley is one of my favorite places on Earth. I can't wait to share it with you.
Tina Sprinkle
Retreat Leader


"Our pilates retreat to belize Hit my life just at the right time!"

“The balance of fun (mental health), along with work for my physical health was the perfect antidote to a long winter. February in Belize - Retreating under the warm tropical sun!”
Joni C
Sand, Sea & Self Retreat, Amberris Caye, Belize
"Tina Sprinkle created a magical, restorative, fun, expansive retreat. The accommodations were beautiful, private, and clean. A sanctuary! The food was fabulous from right out the back door. I loved everything about it and will go anywhere that Tina is having an event. So fun. I highly recommend her!"
Terri M
Sand, Sea, and Self Retreat, Grand Cayman
"The retreat exceeded my expectations, not just based on any one thing, it was the combination of a well-planned event with carefully placed meditations, fitness, interactive sessions and alone time. Most importantly, I gained a new sisterhood of women, across generations, I had never before and can’t wait to see them again."
Franciene G
Fall Journal Retreat


Your retreat guides

Tina Sprinkle and Lisa Looy have been working in the health and fitness arena for over forty years, twenty-five of those together.  

Their goal for this retreat is to guide you home to your body, open your heart, and spark your creativity to enjoy manifest the awesome health and vitality possible for us at any age.

They also understand the unique demands women often place on themselves, robbing them of the very joy, happiness they so desperately desire.  They’ll help you understand that self-care is not selfish, but a pathway towards wholeness and peace.

Your retreat experience will inform the way you interact with nature, your unique gifts, and your place in the world. All of that, and a lot of fun, too!