Homecoming in Jersey

As the train pulled into the Hamilton, New Jersey, I suddenly felt ill. I looked at Herb, stricken. “I think I’m gonna throw up!” I moaned, “I’m scared!” Waiting to meet us at the station were my three half-siblings, Darlene, Lorie, and Tony. We’d discovered each other via ancestry.com “Hi Tina, my name is Darlene … Continue reading Homecoming in Jersey

Why Donald Trump is my Spiritual Teacher

At this stage of my life, I’m looking inward more.  When I was younger, I was focused on raising a family, building a business, managing relationships.  Now I am less interested in the busy-ness of the life and more focused on quieting the noise and distractions. Mostly I just want to be peaceful. It’s not … Continue reading Why Donald Trump is my Spiritual Teacher

Why Eating Clean Isn’t Enough Anymore

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for nearly forty years which either means I am very old or very wise; (I am very old.) During that time I have survived the low fat, high carb craze, the long slow distance theory of fat loss, and countless wasted hours planted on a spin bike, … Continue reading Why Eating Clean Isn’t Enough Anymore