2024 Reset Retreat

carrying around some holiday "leftovers?"

If you’re struggling with post-holiday fatigue, weight gain, belly fat, and bothersome sugar cravings, maybe it’s time to reset your metabolic engine!

Join me, Tina Sprinkle, Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, for the 2024 Reset Retreat which kick-offs on Saturday, January 13, 2024.

Show your body the respect it deserves, and be rewarded with greater focus, stability, and metabolic health.

Because it’s not about willpower- it’s about biochemistry, education, and community!

When our body is inflamed from too much sugar, alcohol, and stress, we experience belly fat, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, and memory loss.

Hunger, cravings, and emotional eating are all connected to a metabolic imbalance that can be reversed… so you can experience emotional stability and freedom from food triggers and addiction.

Switching to an anti-inflammatory diet will help you reduce belly fat without feeling deprived or living on bacon grease.

It can also improve your blood chemistry and energy levels by balancing the queen of all hormones, insulin.

Learn how to eat to balance your blood sugar and reduce inflammation to release bloat, joint tenderness, fatigue, and more. 

This program offers both Paleo based and plant-based options.

Research shows that stress, the body’s response to feeling challenged or threatened can wear on the body if left unchecked.

Stress releases adrenalin, cortisol, and other hormones which are meant to help us in acute situations. 

But when that stress becomes chronic, it can induce or worsen medical conditions, including obesity, depression, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer.

In addition to learning how diet affects inflammation, you’ll learn simple practices to help reduce and manage your stress.

As we age our bodies need different kinds of exercise to maximize the benefits.

High-intensity workouts, resistance training, and cardio sessions are all important components of a healthy, strong, body.

But there’s a type of training that we often overlook.

Within your body lies a little-known yet hugely important key to greater strength, flexibility, and total health: your fascia. Fascia is the miraculous connective tissue that’s woven around your muscles, skin, organs, and bones, holding your entire body together.

Learn movements to build foundational strength, develop a greater range of movement, and hydrate your entire body from the inside out.

The Reset Retreat includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory Foods Guide
  • Simple, Accessible Sample Meal Plan
  • Delicious Paleo & Plant based Recipes
  • Breathing and journaling techniques to help you reduce and manage your daily stress
  • 90-minute Fascial Freedom Workshop with Tina, your Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, and Program Leader
  • Daily inspiration and resources via opt-in texts
  • Discounts on optional program support supplements via Fullscript.

The Reset Retreat is just *$99

*T School Alumni save 20% at checkout by using code ALUMNI


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