My name is Tina Sprinkle.

I’ve been in the health and fitness business for over thirty-five years. I began teaching aerobics in church basements, apartment complexes, and women’s spas, before managing a major health club. I’ve owned multiple businesses, worked as a TV health correspondent, married three times, and given birth to three amazing sons.

I worked non-stop because I was driven.

Driven to provide for my sons, driven to prove myself at work, driven to please my current partner, driven to look a certain way.

But no matter how hard I worked, it was never enough to calm the quiet certainty that I was not quite enough. Feeling like a fake, I also felt ashamed.

Through work, I also discovered I wasn’t alone. I heard my story from other women. It didn’t matter if she was young or old, rich or poor, retired or working, single, married, the underlying theme in all our stories was the same: we are not okay.

My healing began with a swift kick. A sudden realization, a sick but undeniable knowing: I was waiting for permission to live my life.

I not only needed but demanded constant validation of my worth, choices, and right to exist. I insisted on giving away my power, then blamed others for my fear and lack of direction. I felt abandoned, and I was.

I’d left myself a long time ago.

Fear is a greedy bastard. It promises safety in exchange for control. The longer it lives within you, the more power you give it. Fear is damn smart. It knows what you long for and takes them for ransom. After a while you get so used to its presence, you don’t realize you’re lost. Fear doesn’t allow imagination, creativity, freedom. Fear lies to us and tells us we’re not worthy of our dreams.

Body obsession, restriction, and rigidity don’t soothe our insecurities; they propagate them.

By examining and letting go of belief systems I’d adopted as a child, I was able to start the process of healing.

Even though I’ve changed the way I work, the work is still very important to me.

My healing changed the way I lived my life and what I wanted to offer my clients. My purpose is to help women live their healthiest and most joyful lives.

Nothing upsets fear more than trust. Trusting ourselves is the light behind the door that pulls us through it and out into the world.

Learning to trust ourselves, learning to love ourselves, learning to have the courage to ask for what we want and expect to get it is what’s beyond the door. It’s also the work of getting beyond the door.

Transformation begins when we claim our worth. It begins when we have faith in ourselves to embrace our being and purpose in the world.

This is what steers us to be good to ourselves. This is what keeps us being good to others. This is the domain of the heart. The most powerful transformer of all.

I’m a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach,  STOTT PILATES, Anti-gravity Fitness instructor and business owner with over forty years in the health and wellness industry.

I’ve helped countless others regain thier health, confidence, and self-esteem, and I can help you, too.

If any of this resonates with you and you’re ready to explore your own potential for transformation,  please contact me.