Tina Sprinkle has been in the health and wellness industry since 1981 when divorced with two small children and living with her parents, she tried out to be an aerobics instructor at International Fitness in Kansas City.  The thought of getting up in front of people terrified her but she badly needed an income while she completing her degree at UMKC.

Since that time, Tina has gone on to own four studios, (The Sweat Shop, Creative Body Balance, Pilates 1901 and CrossFit on 18th), established an online fitness coaching business, (T School Online), and is a regular health and fitness guest on KC LIVE on KSHB TV in Kansas City.

In addition to her work as a trainer, coach and health guru, Tina began writing a blog in 2015.  It first started as a health and fitness blog because she wanted to help her clients by-pass some of the mistakes she’d made in her own health and wellness journey.

What changed her ability to transform her life from an obese child and chubby teenager to a health coach, was a shift in her approach to all three areas of her health: nutrition, fitness, and mindful practice.

Once she discovered the power of eating clean (live!) unprocessed foods, moving with the right intensity and creating a morning practice to support her daily intentions, her world began to change in a profound way; life took on an ease and joy she previously could not have imagined. Not only did her body and health improve- but her entire world opened up.

Tina’s life’s passion and purpose are to help others navigate their own positive life transformation by providing the support, tools, guidance, and humor we all need along the way.

An avid hiker, Tina knows it’s often easy to lose your way on the trail.  She is always grateful for the cairns, (piles of rocks) left by others to help her find the trail and guide me upward.

This blog is dedicated to anyone who finds themselves temporarily lost along the trail, who may need a hand to find it again.  By sharing her own stories of joy, sorrow, frustration, and reward, Tina hopes to illuminate the way.