Everything Changes

I know change is inevitable and yet, I still resist and deny it when it arrives. I’m not sure why I insist on giving change such a bad rap because, in truth, change has been my life long friend.

Change helped me find the courage to leave an abusive man with no real home and two small children.  Change insisted I exit a toxic workplace, even when I didn’t have another job.  Change has alternately encouraged, discouraged, pushed and pounded me.  But what caused me the greatest pain wasn’t change, but the resisting of it.

Change’s constant presence still reminds me there is an opportunity in every letting go.


I’ve spent most of my adult life helping people- specifically in the area of health. My goal is threefold:  first, to help people desire to be healthy; second, to accept that it’s within their ability to do so; and third, and most importantly, believe that they’re worth the effort required.

Convincing someone to consider one of these tenants can be a stretch, getting them to embrace all three is just a plain, hard sell.  Why?  Because it involves change.

We’re so focused on what we think we’re giving up, we overlook the possibilities and opportunity within the same change.



Next month we will move Pilates 1901 to a new location. I am excited about this next chapter but also admittedly sad about leaving the home we’ve shared for eleven years. The new studio is just 28 blocks away, a beautiful new space that is as light and fun and as welcoming as always.

We’ll be providing the same great service with the same love and integrity that has always defined Pilates 1901. It really is silly to get my panties in a wad, but I do and I will, and I expect some others may, too.

It’s part of the deal. I get it.


I’ll still be teaching and preaching Pilates, health, empowerment, and faith to anyone who will listen.

But as I turn sixty, I feel also change demanding more of my attention and more of my grace.  I’m looking forward to less distraction and more presence; less thinking and more being; more teaching, and healing and learning.

One morning, many years ago, I was greeted with a note from my youngest son.  He’d left it for me on the desk where I spent the bulk of my time when I was at home.  It was a picture of Joan of Arc; beneath it, he’d neatly printed these words:  “For general peace and well-being, please resign from being General Manager of the Universe.”   Leave it to Spirit to deliver such a powerful message via a ten-year-old.  I’m sorry, Sean that it took me so long to hear.

The Buddah said, “the only thing constant in life is change.”  I am learning that is true. 

I’m just going to let go, trust and ride this new incredible wave.  I hope to see you at the shore.



7 thoughts on “Everything Changes

  1. Way to go and so well stated. You are role modeling what so many of us need to do as well. Looking forward to seeing the new address!! Joy

  2. Tina, remember Don Elijio:
    poco a poco, past a past, dia por dia.
    And you can think of it as evolving as opposed to changing, which often feels too fast. Sending you buckets of love.

  3. You got that right. As if the craziness that is my life wasn’t enough I had to add a remodel of the upstairs to the mix. There’s no good time to do a remodel but there’s always time to take care of self

  4. Yes, change is so hard. You’re right though, all my changes despite the dread have all turned out well once enough time has passed to see the blessings in it.
    So, what is the address for the new location?
    Looking forward to seeing the new place. I’ll miss the old one though.
    Love you.

  5. You’ve always been a role model for KC folks regarding fitness and entrepreneurship. Now you are a spiritual model and life coach. I will always look up to you and respect you. Thank you Tina for loving KC and it’s people!

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