Honoring our Teachers

There’s a big holiday coming up next week, and it’s not just the fourth of July.

July 3rd, the day we will  celebrate Independence Day is also a day of celebration called Guru Purnima.

So what is Guru Purnima? 


In Hindu culture, Guru Purnima is a day to honor our teachers, past and present, for all they have contributed to our lives. 

It is a day to remember and give thanks.


I learned about Guru Purnima from my hot yoga teacher Ricky. 

His casual reference stuck with me because I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful teachers in my life.

Teachers like Ricky who’s helping me open my hips, regain my balance, and surrender my pride.


With reverence and gratitude, I write this blog to offer thanks to all the amazing teachers and mentors I’ve encountered through the years. This list is not complete, but it is a start..

Hale Cook Elementary School
  • Stella Jacobi My fourth-grade teacher at Hale Cook Elementary changed my life when she encouraged me to explore the limitless world of books and reading.  The stories she read to us each day ignited a deep respect and hunger for the written word.

  • Loraine Sheehan Gordon

The high school English teacher who drove me to tears when she gave me a big fat D on my Caesar Chavez term paper.

Loraine didn’t suffer fools or accept less than your best.  She pushed me to take myself and writing seriously. We also share an awkward story when I ran away from home, but that’s another blog.

  • Elaine Fischer The fitness director at Hilltop Racquet Club who managed to keep a straight face when I auditioned with a dance to “Ride Like the Wind” by Christopher Cross. Instead of laughing, this diminutive ball of fire asked me to take her class the next Sunday, handing me my ass along with a job offer. Thank you, Elaine, for taking a chance on me. This was the beginning.
  • Phil Freeland– Phil, my boss for the twelve years I worked at Woodside Tennis and Health Club was the shadow teacher of all shadow teachers. His brutality and toxic management style forced me to confront my fear, self-worth, and integrity.  The best gift he ever gave me was firing me. The next best gift was my therapist.
  • Shelley Stelmach– I started seeing  Shelley during my years at Woodside. She helped me stop agreeing to bad bosses, toxic boyfriends, and rampant self-sabotage. She put me back in my body and resuscitated my hope. The courage we mined together allowed me to leave an abusive boss and start over in business.
  • Rosita Arvigo–  My spiritual teacher in Belize, Rosita reminded me that faith is not a feeling but a practice.

    She taught me the power of plants, prayer, and ritual in spiritual healing, as well as the joy of community and celebration. 

    Thank you, Dr. Rosita, and your teacher Don Elijio Panti for showing us the immense healing power of plant medicine.


  • Sabin Bailey Sabin is an amazing mystic, numerologist, and reader who guided me to Rosita and that life-changing experience in Belize.

    She’s been a constant source of revelation and a trusted counselor for many years.

    If you’d like Sabin’s contact information, I’ll be happy to connect you.


  • Scott Schwenk – I’ve never actually met Scott in person but his impact on my life has been huge. I found him through an online search for breathwork and meditation programs. He is authentic, gentle, and kind, easing the way for expanded consciousness.

    Scott’s like the best friend, brother, and childhood pal you’ve never met but feel you know. 

    You can learn more about Scott, via his website: www.scottschwenk.com

  • Ehret Oscar Ramey – My father was my first teacher and the greatest single influence in my life. How lucky I was to get him as my Dad.

    Thank you for seeing me, loving me, and believing in me. The lessons you shared are still teaching me today.

    I love you and I miss you. 

Who are the teachers that have touched your life?

Who would you like to honor for Guru Purnima? You don’t even have to wait until July 3rd! 

Post below or shoot me a private message!  I’d love to hear! 

With love, Tina

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