Small-Group Training Series

Maybe you’ve gotten a great start with your Spring Cleanse but worry you’ll relapse without additional support.  Perhaps you’ve had trouble getting started all together and need someone to push you and hold you accountable. 

Both people can benefit from joining my Spring Cleanse Small Group Coaching series beginning Thursday, April 8th.

This session meets for 6 weeks each Thursday evening at 630 pm via Zoom.  

Beyond providing structure and accountability for your continued cleanse goals, these sessions provide a deeper dive into the intersection of food and physiology.

We’ll explore the relationship between weight loss resistance, sleep disturbance, gut health, and chronic stress.

Your Small Group Series includes:

  • Five weekly Zoom Sessions on Thursdays at 630pm
    1. Thursday, April 8 – Weight loss resistance
    2. Thursday, April 15 – Microbiome Matters
    3. Thursday, April 22 – Stress & the Gut-Brain Axis
    4. Thursday, April 29 –  Food Sensitivities
    5. Thursday,  May 6 – Timed Eating Protocols

  • Weekly Homework Assignments to complete

  • Weekly Accountability Updates from each participant

This series is an extension of my online Spring Cleanse course. I highly recommend you sign up for the Spring Cleanse course for the foundation and resources provided.  Luckily, I’ve included that option!

Small-Group Training with
Spring Cleanse Course

Small- Group Training Series for Spring Cleanse Alumni

Move from Confusion to Clarity with this 5-week Group Coaching Series

This group is limited to 15 participants.  A minimum of 5 is required.

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