Spring Cleanse

Over the winter months, some of us may have overindulged in food and drink. We may have let our exercise program slide, eaten too much while hibernating, or had one too many glasses of wine to keep the winter blues away. Whatever the reason, by early spring, few of us are feeling our absolute best. Undertaking a detox now can change all that, and help put you in perfect form for the year ahead.


On an energetic level, Spring is the ideal time for cleansing. In traditional Chinese medicine, spring is linked with the element of Wood, which encourages us to try new things, set a new course, and find new ways, to commit to action. It’s an open, energetic, enthusiastic feeling, so even if you’ve never detoxed before, this could be the perfect time and the perfect way to start feeling better fast.

Why Detox?

We’re regularly assaulted by pollution in the air, in our homes, in the foods we eat, and in the clothes we wear. Our livestock are treated with drugs; our crops are sprayed with powerful pesticides and fungicides, many of which have unpleasant side effects on our health.

The best way to deal with our toxic load is to build up our immune systems. Our bodies were designed to be “self-cleaning” but it needs our support to work optimally. Our circulatory system, metabolism, gut, brain, and powerful elimination system require our attention. 

Cleansing once or twice yearly gives your body the chance to rest, restore, and reset.


Benefits of a Cleanse

  • While this cleanse is not focused on weight loss, it may be a side-benefit. You may shrink as your body releases toxins and inflammation.
  • Cleansing helps alleviate bloating, nausea, and indigestion as it gives your gut and your liver a chance to rest and renew.
  • Constipation, gas, and cramping also subside as your gut flora is balanced and restored.
  • Frequent colds and flu, tiredness, cellulite, blemishes, and puffy eyes may all improve as your lymphatic system awakens with new vigor.
  • Clogged sinuses, congestion, and nasal drip may disappear when you stop eating the foods that cause them.
  • Urinary problems clear up as your kidneys take a break from overworking and under-functioning.
  • Better skin, sleep, brain function, and mood are improved when you get rid of toxins that may have been affecting your brain function and memory.

this Spring Cleanse includes:

  • Complete Step by Step Spring Detox Program
  • Addressing the Problem, Process, and Practices for healthy detoxification
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • 44 Delicious Detox recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Lifestyle Hacks and Real Life Resources

Just $25

This is simple biochemistry! Once you realize how much power you have over the way you look and feel, it’s so much easier making supportive choices! You can do it!

Just $25

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